Guided visit to the Cathedral of Santiago and museum

Discover the treasures of a building which has been in existence for over a thousand years.

Delve into the bowels of a World Heritage temple and the third holy city of Christianity.

Visit the Main Altarpiece in our Cathedral and Museum Tour
Everyday except Mondays
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1 hour 45 minutes
18,00 €
0 ≥ 12 years*
0 Children**
* Above 12 years old (12 years included)
** Under 12 years old.
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Includes entrance to the Santiago Cathedral museum and y visita al museo y al templo
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Enjoy the Botafumeiro, the famous incense burner of Santiago Cathedral

Some interesting spots during the walking tour

  • The old stone Choir of the Cathedral of the 12th century.
  • Rooms with paintings, sculptures and altarpiece
  • Tapestries of Goya
  • The Archive-Library of the Cathedral
  • Cathedral Balconies
  • Cloister and current canon cemetery
  • Chapter Room
  • Chapel of the Relics
  • The Cathedral’s Treasury
  • Visit to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (temple, chapels and sepulchre)

What will you find in this guided tour?

On our tour of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela we will discover the greatest treasures that the city has kept all throughout more than 1000 years of existence.

Beyond the classic visit to a museum, our guides will frame each relevant element of the museum within a narrative thread, making the tour a dynamic and enjoyable experience. We will first enter to the museum, where we will see some original pieces and other reconstructions of what was once the cathedral. We will also have the opportunity to see truly impressive unique works that are kept in their collections of treasures and donations. We will go up to the cloister to see one of the best panoramic views and privileged viewpoint of the city such as its balcony, and to finish, we will explain the rooms of the Library, the Treasury and the Chapel of the Relics. The second half of the tour is devoted to the temple, explaining the Cathedral of Santiago from its interior and visiting the accessible chapels and the tomb of the Apostle Santiago.

Join us on our Tour of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and do not miss the opportunity to take with you an experience that you will talk about once you are back home.

Get to know the Pilar Chapel in our tour of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.