Legends of Santiago Free Tour

Discover the enigmas of the most mysterious land

We will immerse ourselves in the legends of Santiago and Galicia from the famous meigas and the Santa Compaña to the most current rites.

Discover the enigmas of the most mysterious land
Everyday at 19:00
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1 hour 45 minutes
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Descubre la histórica Rúa do vilar en Santiago de Compostela

Some interesting spots

  • Quintana Square
  • Pilgrim legends
  • San Miguel dos Agros
  • Old Jewish quarter
  • Tales of the Inquisition and Freemasonry
  • Church of the Souls
  • Puerta del Camino
  • San Pedro neighbour
  • Bonaval cemetery

What will you find in this tour?

In this Free Tour of Legends of Santiago de Compostela we are going to discover the legends, stories, traditions, and superstitions of yesterday and today. Stories in which the ancient tradition meets the most current customs making Galicia the mysterious land where the meigas live and you have to take care of the Santa Compaña.

The tour will go through the most unknown part of the old town of Santiago, departing from the Cathedral of Santiago, where we will give some brushstrokes of the mystical origins of Galicia, towards the north, far from the bourgeoisie and the power of the church. We will pass through the old enclaves of the Inquisition and the Jewish quarter and we will move away from the bustling centre towards the old suburbs of the medieval city, where legends and their protagonists grew. Alchemists, cabalists, holy men, mythical thieves, everything is possible in the land where legends continue to survive in their essence.

As a climax, we will end, as it could not be otherwise, in a cemetery with views of the city in San Pedro neighbourhood, where one gets warm in its many restaurants, and fantasize about possible appearances on the night that begins to cover Compostela.

View of the Cathedral from the alameda with our free tour Santiago de Compostela