Free Tour Guimarães

Travel to the Middle Ages

Our Free Tour Guimarães is the best way to visit all the monuments and essential spots of this town.

Free Tour Guimaraes
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Free Tour Guimaraes

Some of the main points of our Free Tour Guimaraes are:

  • Alfándega Tower

  • Toural Square

  • Afonso I's sculpture

  • Queen Maria II street

  • Oliveira Square

  • Padrão do Salado

  • Campo da Feira

  • Santiago Square

  • Town Hall

  • Palace of the Dukes of Bragança

What can you find in this tour?

In the north of Portugal, close to Porto and Braga, we find Guimarães, a medieval jewel perfectly preserved, which keeps among its streets and walls the memories of the birth and crowning of Portugal's first ever king, Afonso I.


Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, Guimarães surprises us with its old stone buildings, its churches, its porched squares, its gardens and, above all else, with the two monuments that crown its historic centre: the Castle of Guimarães and the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança.


In our tour we will see all these places and much more, in order to have a panoramic as well as a detailed view of this beautiful town, its curiosities, the life of its inhabitants and especially the History that every brick and stone breath, the story of how and why Portugal was born in this town, one thousand years ago.

Free Tour Guimaraes
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Maravilloso tour con Rocío, nos ha encantado y hemos salido enamoradas de Guimaraes.
Es una ciudad de cuento, y si te lo cuentan tan bien como Javi, te sientes parte de la historia. Mis padres vienen de viaje el próximo mes y ya he reservado el tour para ellos.
Rafael es un crack y su ciudad, Guimaraes, una pasada. Para repetir!