Medieval and Ribeira Tour

Visit the most heroic version of Porto

Immerse yourself into the heart of a town that is a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, noticeable by its two walls.

Everyday at 16:00h
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2 hours 30 minutes
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Some interesting spots at Porto’s medieval quarter

  • The Roman and Ferdinand-style wall
  • Porto’s fortified Cathedral
  • Episcopal Palace
  • Church of Grilos
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Ferreira market
  • Stock Exchange Palace
  • Church of Saint Francis
  • Ribeira promenade
  • Dom Luís I Bridge
  • And many more…

What will you find in this tour?

During our Medieval and Ribeira Tour the travellers will immerse themselves into the heart of a town that is a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, noticeable by the two walls that surrounded it, being one medieval and the other one Roman.

We will walk on narrow stairs, close to bare-stoned towers and walls that are witnesses of the intrigues of times in which the force of swords decided the destinies of many. The tour will pass among the most picturesque plazas and spots of Porto’s medieval quarter until we get to the Ribeira. This place is distinguished by the lots of little ancient coloured houses, so typical of Porto. At their ground floors you can still find the stone piers where the boats used to dock. These boats brought the Porto wine from the high part of Douro river. The markets, churches, the Stock Exchange Palace and the Jewish Quarter will tell us the story of this city until we get to the bridge that links Porto with Gaia, its neighbour town. If at this point you are missing a castle, that means that you haven’t paid enough attention, because we will visit one during this tour.

Come with us and discover Porto’s hidden castle, its Jewish Quarter, its streets, its stories and enjoy a worldwide known and unique area ―an area that our guides will show you in the most entertaining way during our Medieval and Ribeira Tour.

Jorge Herrero

I was in Porto and came across the free tour by chance. I liked it so much that I also signed up for the medieval one and the visit to the wineries (one of the best investments of my life). I would never know so much about Porto and Portugal if it weren't for Paloma. I have traveled quite a bit and Paloma's personal stamp on her work makes her passion for the city she loves so contagious. His memory and explanations are simply prodigious. If you go to Porto, do not hesitate to try to visit the city with Paloma. You will not regret it.

Gabriel Bloch

We reserved a tour of Porto online with my french homies.Tour was great, lot of explanation about the city and the history of Portugal.
We were with Javier, his english was perfect, funny, and lot of stories. I really recommend it if you want to discocer the city and get some good adress to eat /visit

Alba Rodríguez

A wonderful tour. Guillermo the very nice guide, explains everything wonderfully, it shows that he likes his job. I recommend it.

Pablo Tuñón Laguna

Ana has been a fantastic guide, she has discovered the hidden Porto for me, telling the stories through its streets and monuments. I have loved his way of maintaining attention and tension at all times, a very good guide, he knows his tour very well and is very pleasant to listen to. He is definitely a tour and guide I would have no hesitation in recommending.

Paula RA

Great. Both the city tour in the morning with Guillermo, and the medieval Porto tour in the afternoon with Paloma, were very interesting. Very well explained and very entertaining. Highly recommended to get to know Porto and its history. Guillermo and Paloma, in addition, are very nice.

Andrea Solanas

Guillermo, medieval tour: excellent guide, everything super well explained, dynamic. He advises you about the city, recommendations of cheap and worthwhile places, advice from local people is appreciated.

Marco Antonio

Wonderful tour that Paloma has given us in Porto, one of the best free tours I have done so far, the passion is undeniable, and only that is to be thanked but it also accompanies it with humor, knowledge and closeness, in addition to the didactic . My pleasure.

José Julián Aristizábal Hernández

We did the Medieval Porto tour with Luisa. Very illustrative and entertaining. Good and satisfactory explanations. Recommended!

Tolga Güdük

I joined a free walking tour of this company in Porto. Sandra was the best fwt guide I have ever met. She told us everything about the city. She was so kind and friendly. If I come back to Porto, I will join her another tour

Irati Perez Soraluze

It has been a joy, despite the terrible weather, the guide has made it super enjoyable and giving very good advice and with great detail. thank you louis

Aníbal González-Arintero Berciano

On Thursday we did the Porto free tour with Paloma, a machine (more guides like Paloma when you arrive in a city for the first time, please).
In the afternoon we repeated the "medieval" with her and on Friday we went to Gaia with Rocío, very nice.
We also met Guillermo, a crack.
Good luck to everyone and a hug, Aníbal and Sergio.

Natalia Punzano

A great Tour! Luisa has been great and has made the moment entertaining and instructive, we have visited Gaia in the best way, we have loved the Ramos Pinto winery.