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The Portuguese green wine

The Portuguese green wine | Blog

One of the essentials when visiting Porto is to taste its famous wines, either by simply tasting it, or by visiting a Port Wine cellar in Gaia, a classic of this city. However, northern Portugal has other wine even more important than Port, and it is known as Vinho Verde (green wine).

Green wine is a young wine from the northern region of Portugal. Initially, like port, it was exported from Póvoa de Varzim, but today everything is exported from Porto. Green wine is produced either in the most coastal region of the Porto area or further north, almost on the border with Galicia. This is because it needs a more temperate and rainier climate than the continental climate that prevails on the banks of the Douro River. Finally, it should also be noted that the type of grape used is the same as that of the Galician Albariño wine, for example.


What is the great difference of this type of wine? Despite having the same type of grape as the Albariño or produced in the north of Portugal, the great difference of green wine is its fermentation process. In the case of this wine, the fermentation process lasts a bit more if we compare it with, for example, Albariño. This way the yeast acts lasts longer with the must and produces more gas, producing those bubbles so characteristic of the green wine. This gas makes it to be classified as a sparkling wine and it has also surpassed Port Wine in popularity since green wine is the most produced and exported in the country.

There are many corporations dedicated to the exploitation and production of this type of wine that grows in the shadow of port. But as we said before, it is almost mandatory to try it during a getaway to Porto, accompanied by a good cod or some petiscos (snack). Of course, if you want to know more about this product, and become an expert at the next family reunion, then join our Old Town and Gaia tour and learn what malic acid and bouquet are and surprise your friends.


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