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Restaurants for celiac in Porto

Restaurants for celiac in Porto

Finding a restaurant with gluten-free dishes is not an easy task. The options for celiac people are usually based on visiting vegetarian or vegan restaurants. We have already made an article talking about our favourite vegetarian restaurants and today is the time to tell you about some of the places that offer or focus on of gluten-free products.

To start well your day, there is nothing better than Com Cuore (Rua Trindade Coelho, entry 10, shop 11). Behind Rua das Flores is this cosy café where you can enjoy a wonderful selection of gluten-free cakes. It is true that it is mainly a cafeteria but there are also savoury dishes in case you want to eat. Everything is gluten free. Our recommendation is that you try one of the star dishes of Porto’s food: bifanas. Gluten free, of course.

Located next to one of the busiest squares in Porto, there is the Tasquinha Do Caco (Passeio S. Lázaro 51 / S. Lázaro garden). Here you can enjoy a large selection of gluten-free burgers which you can accompany, and this is the best, with some of the gluten-free beers that they offer.

Terra Nova is located on the number 34 in the Cais da Ribeira (that you can visit by joining our Old Town and Wine tour). There you will find an extensive menu prepared for celiac, including good seafood dishes and desserts. You can have a really nice meal while enjoying the views of the Luis I bridge and the Douro river.

As a main dish, a very special place: Endovélico (Bomjardim, 80/Largo Tito Fontes). With its Celtic aesthetic, we offer you this restaurant where the dishes will surprise you. You can’t eat flour because it has gluten? Don't worry, there they use buckwheat or mushroom flour. And, for an exciting end, you can help digestion with a shot of mead.

These are some of our recommendations, places for everyone to enjoy Porto’s gastronomy.

And, you know, if you have any other question, you can ask your Free Tour guide that will be happy to help you.

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