Nazism and Communism Tour

Carlos IV wanted to make his kingdom capital a first-rate political and cultural centre.

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Some spots of interest of the Nazism and Communism Tour

  • The conflict with the Germans
  • The First World War
  • Creation of Czechoslovakia
  • Munich Conference
  • The Second World War
  • Operation Anthropoid
  • Carlos Square
  • Lucerna Passage
  • Prague Spring
  • The Velvet Revolution

What will you find in this tour?

There was a time when Prague was not spoken of in singular, this is so because until the end of the 18th century, for administrative purposes there was not one, but several "pragues". One of these divisions was the famous New City of Carlos IV. This distinguished monarch wanted to make his kingdom capital a first-rate political and cultural centre. A city that will compete in splendour with Italian cities and Paris itself, regardless of the cost. Thanks to the huge amount of silver that flowed from the mines of Kutná Hora, the determined monarch was able to undertake a pharaonic expansion of his city. Large markets, buildings and monuments decorated well-planned and cleaned-up streets. Over time, wars and other ups and downs destroyed many of these buildings. In their place, new ones emerged in the heat of fashion, giving it this current look, a result of the mixture of styles and the passing of the years.

During our visit we will use the most emblematic places to understand this very interesting part of Prague. For this we will make a historical tour that begins in the Late Middle Ages and ends at the present time, with special emphasis on the events experienced throughout the 20th century.

The tour starts in the Bethlehem Square. Although it is not well known, it is a place of vital importance to the history of this country, since it was here where the famous religious reformer Jan Hus made important proclamations.

Walking through alleys, we will reach the Moldaba River, where among many other monuments, the National Theatre stands majestically, authentic pride of Czech culture.

Walking along the riverbank, we will visit the Dancing House, one of Prague's icon today, to finally reach the Orthodox Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

This place deserves separate treatment. In his crypt, you will get to know first-hand about the assassination that put an end to Reinhard Heydrich's life - known as the "Butcher of Prague", who ruled the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia with an iron fist. An interesting exhibition works as an opener before going to the Memorial underground, where the members of the commando unit responsible for ending the Reichsprotektor are honoured. You can still see the bullet holes in this improvised final resistance, in which they tried in vain to escape alive from the Gestapo.

The visit continues through Charles Square to finally meet the nerve centre of the city, named after the Patron Saint of the country: Wenceslao. The square's huge proportions (more than 600 metres) are crowned by the harmonious National Museum. Given its size, this square has witnessed many of the most important recent events, such as the declaration of independence; the Nazi occupation and liberation; the Prague Spring; or the famous Velvet Revolution that put an end to the communist dictatorship in 1989.

Learn about this impressive history from the hand of our qualified guides on a tour you will not remain indifferent.