Legends and Beer Tour

Its proud towers and narrow streets have been the scene of a thousand and one stories.

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Includes cluye visit to a craft brewery and beer tasting
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Some spots of interest of the Legends and Beer Tour

  • The best legends of Prague
  • Betrayals and murders
  • Freemasonry and Alchemy
  • Visit to a craft brewery
  • Beer legends

What will you find in this tour?

If there is a city proud of its rich past, without a doubt, that is Prague. The inhabitants' attachment to their identity is more than justified, as few places can boast about their impressive artistic, historical and cultural heritage.

For more than a thousand years, Prague’s majestic silhouette fades away in the Moldava River, recreating itself in the reflections of its calm waters, barely projecting a fraction of its famous splendour. Its proud towers and narrow streets have been the scene of a thousand and one stories, from great battles to splendid parades, royal weddings, revolutions, love affairs and persecutions. Events that over time have become myths, and these, into legends. All these great events come to complement the no less interesting daily life of its inhabitants, since behind the epic achievements, beyond the historical, political and military facts collected by the chroniclers' pen, there is a rich cultural world, a legacy of centuries of popular traditions which will be developed in our Legends Tour. Nowhere else has this melting pot of stories and legends come together better than in Malá Strana and the Prague Castle's surroundings.

Walking along its narrow streets is like going back in time. Its worn cobblestones seem to reverberate with the echo of the footsteps of alchemists, witches and haunted ghosts. Delve into the tour through the hidden Prague accompanied by our professional guides. A magical Prague full of evocative legends awaiting the traveller who wants to go beyond the usual tourist circuits.

The Legends and Mysteries Tour starts in Strahov, the monastery whose incredible views crown the Castle district. Step by step, we will discover many of these stories next to the buildings and in the very same places that witnessed their origin. Thus, the visitor will know first-hand about the sad origin hidden behind the Loreto bells' tolling. You will discover the terrible price that the frivolous Countess Černín had to pay for her excessive pride. You will feel a chill when you hear how the dice led an irresponsible monk into perdition, being since then condemned to wander headless through the streets of Malá Strana; and you will sympathise with the tragic love story behind the famous Nerudova street, immortalized by the stonemason's chisel in the cold stone.

All these legends and many more will be the protagonists of the first part of the tour, for the second part, we will delve deeper into bohemian folklore, but in a more relaxed and familiar way. And what a better way to do it than with a beer? Indeed, this golden elixir is embedded in the core of the Czech identity, so through its delicate flavour and during the tasting, we will delve into endless amusing fables, superstitions and local betrayals, like the story of Gambrinus, a legendary character to whom we owe so many good moments.

Kristin Marshall

We had a wonderful walking tour with Scott! He is a wealth of information, kind and funny. Booking the tour and connecting with the guide was very easy. At the conclusion of the tour, we could've kept going it was so engaging. A highlight of our time in Prague!

Regardt Van Rooy

We had a great and very insightful Prague Old City tour with tour Guide Sean. He was great and very knowledgeable sharing all the interesting facts with a great sense of humor, making our tour a lot of fun. In fact, so much fun we decided to join him the same afternoon for the Castle tour as well and again he ensured for a fun and interesting walking tour.

Marta Campelo

One of the best walking tour I’ve done. Scott is not a local, but it feels like it. He knows everything about the history, the culture and the beers. Ask him for recommendations and he will give you all the options. Thank you, Scott!

Oliver Bishop

We did an old town tour with Sarah. She led a fantastic tour with excellent historical knowledge which really helped build our understanding of the city and its history. Sarah's style was really engaging and she was openly approachable for questions and recommendations on all aspects of the city. The tour was around 2.5 hours with a 15 minute break for coffee and to warm up, but it didn't feel long. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Prague for the first time!

Vivien Dittner

We enjoyed the Prague walking tour (old town, new town and Jewish quarter) a lot! Our tour guide Ian shared many interesting insights into Prague's history with us. The tour was very entertaining and informative and Ian has a great sense of humor as well :)

Keren-Or Peretz

This tour for me was essential, in order to see and experience Prague with a context.
Scot was absolutely lovely: informative but not heavy. Fun, interesting, very articulate and easy to understand. He obviously is passionate about Prague and it's history, people, culture, politics- which makes you as passionate. Thank you Scott for a fantastic tour and for great recommendations for our time in Prague.

Borislav Georgiev

We were on the New Town tour with Paul. I can’t recommend it enough. It was exactly as I was hoping for as I wanted to get a better understanding of the locals’ recent history and culture. One can see that Paul is passionate about history. He shared many interesting historical facts but also some great tidbits like where is the best place to buy chimney cakes or beer.

Lauren Smyth

Initially my partner and I had just booked the morning Old Town tour but we loved it so much that we came back for the afternoon Castle Tour. I actually think most people on the tour did the same as us. The main reason for this was due to our tour guide Aris. He was a brilliant tour guide, full of knowledge with a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend doing this tour on your first day so you fully appreciate the beauty and history of Prague. It was the highlight of our trip. Thanks Aris


We had Ian on an Old Town tour and he was absolutely amazing! One of our favourite walking tours we’ve done in Europe! Great mix of history, stories and humour - all done in an easy to understand manor. He was very knowledgeable and super helpful! Would highly, highly recommend this tour!

Thaléa B (Lum')

Easy booking and great experience with the 2 tours we've done with these guys. We took the old city tour and the castle tour : both were fun and informative, I'd definitely recommend booking these tours! You'll learn lots of stuff about history, culture, and notice details you wouldn't have noticed by yourself.

Jim Andrews

The Prague tour with Sarah was awesome! The weather was cold and wet, but Sarah had the energy to keep us all engaged and moving. The morning tour was so good, I signed up for the afternoon tour!! The passion Sarah has for her craft made this one of my most memorable days in my life. Thanks Sarah!


I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to go on both of the free walking tours that is offered, I would highly recommend doing both. Paul was amazing for the Old Town and Jewish Quarter, and Scott was absolutely wonderful too for the tour of the Prague Castle. Loved it!