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The Powder Tower (Gate) in Prague

A Remainder of the Old City Wall

The Powder Tower (Gate) in Prague

The Powder Tower is the most impressive tower in Prague. At least, that's what the travelers who visit it say. Do you want to know more about this monument? We'll tell you right away.


Prague, the city of a hundred towers

Prague has been named in many ways, but perhaps one of its most famous epithets is "the city of a hundred towers". Although this number seems an exaggeration, the truth is that we can see dozens of them rising among a sea of buildings. Churches, town halls, fortifications... All seem to compete for the biggest and most beautiful tower, the one that makes the heart of its inhabitants proud.

Given the rich heritage of the city, it is not easy to choose one or the other. However, among all of them, there is one that neighbors and visitors consider the most famous and imposing tower in Prague: the Powder Tower, also known as the Powder Gate.


It is one of the thirteen original gates of the Old Town back in the 14th century.


Clearly inspired by the eastern tower of Charles Bridge, its construction began in 1475, combining in its aesthetic design and functionality. It was intended to be a monumental entrance worthy of a king and for this purpose no expense was spared. The result fulfilled the expectations of a city accustomed to monuments, as this is a true masterpiece of late Central European Gothic.

Over the centuries, Prague lost most of its walls, but the Gunpowder Tower was to remain unscathed for many more years. Given its robustness, in the 17th century it began to be used as a powder magazine, receiving the name for which it is known today.


Unfortunately, in 1757 it suffered considerable damage at the hands of the implacable Prussian artillery, and it was not until the end of the 19th century that it acquired its current appearance after a major refurbishment.


Since 1915, an arch links the Powder Tower to the Municipal House, harmoniously fusing styles as far apart in time and aesthetics as Gothic and Art Nouveau.

Whether because of its height, the beautiful sculptural decoration or its characteristic black color, the Powder Tower stands as one of the most emblematic attractions of the city, providing the visitor with a spectacular view from its viewpoint.


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