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Infant Jesus of Prague

The Church of the Child Jesus in Prague is one of the most visited churches in the country.

Infant Jesus of Prague

In the history of the venerated image of the Infant Jesus of Prague, tradition and mysticism are combined. Therefore, it has a cultural value that is well worth a visit on your trip to Prague. Do you want to know more? Read on, we'll tell you!


Did you know that the Church of the Child Jesus in Prague is one of the most visited churches in the country?


The miracles of the Infant Jesus of Prague

The Church of Our Lady of Victory may not be the most spectacular in Prague. However, its fame practically eclipses all others, as it houses the sacred wooden carving of the famous Infant Jesus of Prague.

Not much is known about its origin, beyond the fact that we have to look for it in some workshop in Spain in the mid-sixteenth century. From there he traveled to Prague at the hands of Dona Maria Manrique, a Spanish noblewoman who was to marry a Bohemian knight. Years later, it was a daughter of such marriage who donated the carving of the Baby Jesus to the convent of the Barefoot Carmelites, annexed to this church.


Tradition says that this figure is miraculous, being attributed from early on a multitude of extraordinary events. One of the most spectacular occurred just the last year of the Thirty Years' War, in 1648. That year the Swedes arrived here. After a brief but brutal siege they took the castle and all of Leisser Town. 


Drunk with power, the soldiers abandoned themselves to pillage and destruction. Their orders were to conquer the whole city, but a desperate defense on the Charles Bridge managed to stop and repel the invaders. The city was safe and quickly the rumor spread that this incredible miracle was possible by the divine intercession of the Child Jesus of Prague.

The image of the Child Jesus of Prague, history and traditions

His fame only increased with time, crossing bohemian frontiers to reach any corner of Christendom. Today, on both sides of the altarpiece that houses the image, dozens of small white marble plates can be seen in many languages. These are offerings by the faithful in gratitude for the help of the Child Jesus.

A curious tradition is that of changing the dress of the Child regularly. His wardrobe is composed of more than seventy dresses and all are authentic works of art in miniature. Depending on the religious time in which we find ourselves -Easter, Christmas, ordinary time, etc.- the color varies between white, green, red and purple.


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