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Charles Birdge, Prague's most famous bridge

One of the attractions of the Charles Bridge are its 32 religious sculptures

Charles Birdge, Prague's most famous bridge

Not many cities can boast of a monument of the size and splendour of Prague's Charles Bridge. Would you like to know more about this emblematic bridge? We'll tell you!


Did you know that the Charles Bridge is the largest civilian gothic building in the world? 


The history of the Charles Bridge

For more than six centuries, its impressive stone arches have been the backbone of a city born by the placid waters of the Vltava River. This connection transcends the physical because when contemplating it, the visitor cannot help but enjoy its majestic silhouette rising from the depths.

Its origin is located in the mid-fourteenth century. In those years there was another bridge - named after a queen by Judith - not far from the present Charles Bridge. Unfortunately, these lands are often hit by terrible floods and it was in this way that that robust Romanesque bridge disappeared.

It was a coincidence that such a disastrous event coincided with the reign of the great monarch Charles IV, who was determined to build a better bridge, one whose harmony and beauty could overcome the ravages of time. Its construction lasted many years.


Hundreds of workers, master stonemasons and architects worked tirelessly on such an imposing work, but thanks to their efforts we can now admire the largest Gothic civil construction in Europe.


Great example of gothic architecture

But if this monument stands out for anything, apart from its dimensions, it is for the thirty-two statues that mark its route at intervals. Placed after the wars of religion that devastated the kingdom in the 17th century, most of the sculptures are dedicated to saints whose fame was intended to be imitated. This is the case of San Juan Nepomuceno, one of the local patrons and whose bronze image attracts hundreds of tourists every day.


Come with us on the Charles Bridge!

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