What’s 1·2·Tours?

Discover Prague with us

The idea of creating 1·2·Tours arises from the experience of two History teachers who left their natal Galicia and embarked in a work adventure throughout Europe. After that odyssey, they decided to give a professional meaning to their two passions, History and travelling, in order to share their knowledge with the rest of visitors from all over the world.
The identity of our company is to offer travelers a close and friendly service as well as professional and rigorous. In other cities the concept of walking tours is linked to students or volunteers; we are in love with History and we are excited to tell it through their architectural and urbanistic testimonies, but we can provide the professional perspective of those who, having academic degrees on History and Art, have decided to make this passion their profession. A profession in which the aim is not to meet a quota or write a report, but to make each and every one of the people who choose us to take an unforgettable memory of their experience.
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