Tour of Braga

Admire the treasures of Portuguese baroque art

You will visit the Second Best European Holiday Destination of 2019 and admire the most beautiful gems of Portuguese baroque art.

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3 hours 30 minutes
22,00 €
0 Adults*
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** Students have to be under 25 years of age and duly identified.
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The price includes the two-way trip and the entrance to the Cathedral.
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Some interesting spots during our Tour of Braga

  • Pre-Roman baths
  • Medieval wall of Braga
  • Convent of Santiago
  • Cathedral of Braga
  • Episcopal Palace
  • Congregados Basilica
  • São Marcos hospital
  • And many more…

What will you find in this tour?

Founded more than two thousand years ago, Braga is Portugal’s most ancient town and the third biggest in Portugal. With the help of our guides you will discover the origins of good old Roman Bracara Augusta, stroll through its medieval streets, admire the most wonderful treasures of Portuguese baroque art and get into its Cathedral, which has been claiming for religious Primacy in the Iberian peninsula for one thousand years.

Our tour will make you understand not only the important historical heritage, but also its prosperous present, which has led Braga to be named the Second Best European Holiday Destination of 2019.

We will start our tour at the pre-Roman baths, a 2000-year old archeologic gem. From there we will move to the thermal baths and the theatre so we can appreciate the change after the arrival of the Roman Empire. Once admired these classic remains, we will get immersed in the Middle Age by going through the walls and visiting a multitude of churches and monasteries that makes Braga be Portugal’s religious capital city. This pilgrimage will end with the guided tour inside the Cathedral, including the cloisters, the chapels and the choir which will be exclusively open for us.

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