Free Tour of Porto

Visit Porto and say hello to the unbeatable city.

Our Free Tour of Porto is the best way to go in depth into the history of one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe.

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2 hours 30 minutes
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Some interesting spots during the walking tour

  • Avenida de los Aliados
  • São Bento train station
  • Majestic cafe
  • Bolhão market
  • Galerías de París
  • The twin churches
  • Dictatorship legacy
  • Lello bookstore
  • Clérigos Church
  • And many more…

What will you find in this tour?

In this initiative tour we will go into the deep and sometimes unknown history of Portugal. Its birth, the Reconquest and the Carnation Revolution will make us feel the personality of Porto and its citizens through the streets and monuments.

Our Free Tour of Porto is the perfect choice if you want to tune in with this colourful city. From the busy and bohemian Galerías de París, a meeting point for youngsters, to the calmness of the bookstore that inspired J. K. Rowling to write the famous adventures of Harry Potter. That’s Porto, a city which encloses itself inside its Roman walls but, at the same time, it opens itself to the world through the Douro river and elevates to the sky from the bell towers of its countless churches. It’s also a city of courageous merchants who sell a worldwide famous wine, of libertarian academics who used to conspire in cafes, of people who moved away to come back again and leave an unforgettable legacy in the ancient Roman Portus Cale, which later would be devastated by Europe’s longest dictatorship.

Porto is a city that will steal your heart, sometimes even literally. Even though Lisbon is the capital city, where the body of Pedro IV lies, it’s in Porto’s Lapa church where his heart ―the heart of their most beloved king, is buried. Join 1·2·Tours’ Free Tour of Porto and come with us to discover, hand by hand with our guides, one of the most interesting and most beautiful cities in Europe.