Free Tour Dark Porto

Unravel the mysteries of the unknown side of Porto

Delve into the darkest and most sinister enigmas of Porto's history and discover the darkest secrets of the city.

Everyday at 18:30
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2 hours 15 minutes
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Some interesting spots during the walking tour

  • Martyrs of Liberty
  • The Jewish Ghetto and the secret Synagogue
  • The hill of the hanged men
  • The poisoner of Flores
  • The old Prison
  • The crime of rúa do Sol
  • The Armenian neighbourhood
  • Palace of the Sirens
  • Douro Pier

What will you find in this tour?

In this Dark Porto Free Tour, we will explore some of the most unknown corners of Porto and reveal its darkest stories: murders, executions, desecrations, massacres that will give us goose bumps as we tour a city while night is falling.

We will also visit some of the most iconic places in Porto, such as the Clerigos Tower and the Sao Bento Station. But, we will not repeat what you have already heard on so many other occasions. In this tour we will talk about its mysteries, about everything that is not seen, told, or commonly known. Likewise, the legends of Porto will have a special place in our tour, and in this way we will learn why the people of Porto are called tripeiros, where the name of Miragaia neighbourhood comes from, or what happened to the fortune of the richest man in Porto.

Discover the fascinating hidden story of the Jewish community that lived in secret for centuries in its former ghetto, and find out the truth about the enigmatic Armenian community that brought the relics of Saint Pantaleon to the city. Join our tour to discover the mysteries of Porto told through its protagonists: prisoners, ghosts, poisoners, prostitutes and bandits from bygone ages whose names are still whispered in the alleys of Porto.