Thursday May 10th 2018 | Porto

Why Oporto should be your next destination

In two years will be trendy, come first!

Why Oporto should be your next destination

Have you ever noticed that on the map of time, the Peninsula is missing a piece? Yes, that’s Portugal, the country we never thought of. Or we didn’t thing about it until very recently, because now we begin to realize that it could be our best option for a few days trip with our family, partner, or with our friends.

Now, let us consider the same thing regarding to Portugal. What do we think about? Lisbon, Algarve beaches, Madeira… But there’s something we didn’t think about yet… The North. And it turns out that here, in the north of Portugal, we have two cities thar are UNESCO World Heritage: Oporto and Guimarães. We will talk about last one some other time, because it’s a treasure you should not miss either, but let’s start by getting to know the city that gave this country its name.

How? What? Yes, the name of Portugal comes from Portus Cale, and that was the old name of Oporto. This already gives us an idea of the importance this city has to its country. Oporto gave its name to Portugal, built the boats that conquered its empire, gave birth to its Republic, and won its only Champions League Cup.  We will tell you all this story, in great detail, on our Free Tour and on the Medieval and Ribeira Tour.



Or is it the architecture and the good panoramic views that motivates you to get packed? Then you will enjoy to cross Dom Luis I Bridge, to visit the avant-garde Casa da Música, or to make a pilgrimage to the biggest synagogue of the Iberian Peninsula.

But if you want good food and drink, I could tell you about the dozens of recipes for cod, about the francesinhas or about the bifanas, so I will simply tell you that the inhabitants of this city are called tripeiros. And if you think that, as my grandfather always says, a meal without wine is breakfast, I just need to write the word portwine so that you reserve your tickets.