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Visiting the Port wine cellars

How to make the most of your time in the winery?

Visiting the Port wine cellars

Many tourists come to Porto with the intention of visiting one of the famous wineries, and we are always asked which one is the most recommendable. There are many possibilities that we will discuss below, but first we must correct a fundamental mistake: the wineries are not located in Porto, but in the neighbouring city of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Most of the wineries in Gaia are located on the riverside promenade of the Douro River.  And the price of a visit, including a tasting of two or three wines, ranges from 12 to 20 euros. The tour lasts about half an hour, during which a guide from the vineyard itself shows barrels and vats with wine and briefly explains three families of port: white, tawny and ruby. The exception is the Taylor's winery, where a visit with a basic tasting of two wines costs 15 euros, and instead of a guide, an audio guide is provided, thanks to which visitors can independently sightsee the winery.

There are two aspects to keep in mind: on the one hand, Port is a fortified wine, so it cannot be treated like a table wine, since it contains much more alcohol and sugar. On the other hand, the wine is not produced in Gaia. The whole process of harvesting, selection, crushing, and fermentation takes place in the Douro Valley, more than 100 km from Porto. The barrels are sent to Gaia for the sole purpose of wine ageing. Therefore, in the Gaia cellars we will not see wine presses in which the wine is fermented, or the way it is mixed with wine spirit.

With these two issues in mind, a visit to the winery is an indispensable part of visiting Porto, and if you want to do it, it's best to take advantage of the Gaia and its Cellars Tour. For the same price you must pay for a visit to the winery, you can not only visit and taste two wines using the services of a guide, but also get to know everything that Vila nova de Gaia hides: UNESCO World Heritage sites, monasteries, churches, urban art and the best views of Porto.

Do not miss the opportunity and book a visit to the winery in Porto, using our Gaia and its Wineries Tour. We will be waiting for you under a green umbrella!

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