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Tolls in Portugal

How to pay tolls in Portugal?

Tolls in Portugal



One of the most common ways to visit Portugal is to arrive by car. Many tourists decide to rent a car to visit two big cities – Porto and Lisbon. And then they set off on their way to cities such as: Guimarães – the first historical capital of Portugal, Aveiro – Portuguese Venice or Coimbra – the most student city in the country.

Although the whole idea of a car adventure sounds great, regardless of the destination we choose, one element will always irritate us. And that is tolls. Not only are they expensive, but they are also confusing. In this article, we will try to explain them and make your car adventure as simple as possible.

The basis of the toll in Portugal is the electronic toll. On Portuguese roads, you will not notice the controls with tickets to collect and return at the end, paying a certain amount. There are electronic arcs that automatically charge a fee from the card.

But what card are we talking about and how to pay for it?

There are several ways to pay the toll price and avoid a fine. The two easiest ways are to purchase a prepaid card or register a bank card along with subjecting the car's licence plate information. Why? Electronic arcs read the number of licence plates or detect the card and charge a fee.

The first option is simpler. Just go to the website or buy card at the post office.  These are charging cards worth 5-10-20-40 euros, so they are very flexible. After purchase, you just must activate the card by following the instructions, sending an SMS message using your mobile phone. If the balance is exhausted, notify it will be sent via SMS.

The second option, depending on the route chosen, is a little more difficult, since in Portugal there are only 4 points where you can associate registration with the card. This method consists in paying for the travelled section of the route – at the moment when we cross one of the four points, the electronic arc reads the car registrations and takes a certain amount from the registered bank card.

For people travelling from Spain, there is another way, which is to use the Spanish Via T. However, before choosing a route, you should make sure that the chosen highway accepts this form of payment. Always use the Via Verde belt in this option.

And finally, what if I didn't pay? You will have a second chance if in less than 24 hours you make a payment through and remember that the fine will come.

We are waiting for you in Porto! Have a great trip!


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