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The natural magic of thermae in Porto

The natural magic of thermae in Porto

Do you want to enjoy the thermal baths in Porto on your next trip? Good choice. To get to know the north of Portugal, you cannot miss a stay in this city, a tourist and cultural destination where you can also enjoy the pleasure of disconnection in a spa.

If you are already planning your visit and are looking for ideas to complete your itinerary, pay attention to our recommendations.

Thermae in Porto

 The region of Porto and its surroundings traditionally has multiple thermal baths that have therapeutic effects. For this reason, throughout the history of northern Portugal, facilities have been built with the purpose of taking advantage of the healing qualities of these waters.

The ancient Romans, as history and archaeology tell us, dedicated an important part of their time to body care through therapeutic baths that alternated immersion in cold waters (frigidarium) and hot waters (caldarium).

In the north of Portugal, the most important Roman settlement is in the current city of Braga, then called Bracara Augusta, the capital of Gallaecia - a Roman province in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Braga is less than 60 kilometers from Porto and there are important archaeological remains of its glorious past, which makes this Portuguese city an attractive cultural destination not only for its heritage, but also for its proximity from Porto.

What to see in Braga

The thermae and public baths in Braga are an example of the Roman civil architecture of the first century. Also known as the Termas do Alto da Cividade, they were discovered thanks to archaeological excavations that took place in the late 1970s. A decade later, the thermes received the name of National Monument.

If you are going to spend several days in Porto, why not take the opportunity to join our Braga tour? This way you can learn a little more about the history of this city through a tour of its medieval walls, its beautiful cathedral and, of course, Roman Thermae of Maximinus.

And if your visit to Porto and Braga is planned for the month of May, we recommend you to try to coincide with the celebration of the Braga Romana Festival, the moment the city relives its past for a few days and organises parades, concerts, craft fairs and gastronomic tastings from the time of the Roman Empire. Mark this event in your calendar for the last week of May!

Spa and thermae in Porto

The Roman legacy lasts and its cult of well-being has survived to this day in the form of therapeutic and relaxing treatments. If you want to stop during your visit and disconnect completely, you can choose from multiple possibilities to enjoy and rest in one of the spas in Porto and other towns in the Northern region of Porto. Shall we see some options?

Spa Vinothérapie Caudalie in Porto
This magnificent and luxurious spa is located on the premises of The Yeatman Hotel, one of the most exclusive hotels in the city. In this spa you can escape from the madding crowd with beauty and wellness treatments based on the natural properties of fresh grapes.

Termas de São Vicente
In the Penafiel area, 40 kilometers from Porto, you can immerse yourself in thermal baths in a circuit of contrasts, disconnect in the sauna or enjoy the spa at the Palace Hotel. The San Vicente thermal baths are renowned for their waters specially indicated for the treatment of various respiratory conditions.

Águas do Gerês
This thermal complex has a privileged location surrounded by nature in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. This magnificent environment invites the visitor to enjoy peace and quiet, take walks and relax in its facilities.

Get to know Porto and Braga with expert guides

The city of Porto and its surroundings offer many possibilities for entertainment: gastronomic tasting, cultural visits, walks... Once it’s organized, there is time for everything!

During your stay in the north of Portugal, besides visiting the old capital of Roman Gallaecia with our tour of Braga, you can also get to know the city of port with a guided walking tour.

You just need to make a reservation on our free tour of Porto and approach us at Praça da Liberdade, where we are waiting for you with our green umbrella. We assure you that you will take the best possible souvenir of your trip: an experience for a lifetime!


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