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The most typical Portuguese dishes

What should you try when visiting Porto?

The most typical Portuguese dishes



Getting to know the city is not only a walk through the streets, souvenir photos and an escape from the routine of everyday life. A trip to another place should allow you to experience its authenticity, for example by contacting locals and tasting traditional dishes.

Portugal is a country full of natural and cultural attractions, but also a place that spoil taste buds. One of the most popular and typical dishes is codfish. The Portuguese have 365 recipes for codfish, so every day they can enjoy its taste in a different version.

In Porto, you can try the delicious bacalhau com broa or the wonderful bacalhau à Brás. But these are not the only dishes that are worth tasting here. The city offers something for every taste!

But what is recommended bacalhau com broa i bacalhu à Brás?

Bacalhau com broa is a dish consisting of fillets of salty codfish that are slowly cooked in milk and then poured with fried onions and a crumbly mixture of Portuguese corn bread (broa), garlic, parsley, egg yolks and olive oil.

Bacalhu à Brás, on the other hand, consists of pieces of salted codfish, onions and thinly sliced fried potatoes, combined with eggs. Usually, the dish is decorated with black olives and fresh parsley.

However, codfish is not the only Portuguese dish. Walking around the city, looking for something traditional to try, in many places it is impossible to notice Franceshina. The famous Franceshina is a sandwich stuffed with sausage, ham and pork fillet, and on top of it there is melted cheese, fried egg and a special sauce, the basis of which is tomato and beer.



If you were not convinced by the famous sandwich, you can try bifana, a small sandwich filled with very thin strips of pork that have previously marinated with garlic and spices for several hours.

Something that certainly sets Porto apart is their courage and dish, which you can only try here. Portuenses are known as "tripeiros" (tripe) in the rest of the country. And although eating guts sounds a bit disgusting, nothing could be further from the truth. Tripe accompanied by white beans are an ideal proposition for a cold day in the city on the Douro River.

Finally, you can't forget about the typical Portuguese hot dog, cachorro, which you must try before spending an unforgettable night on the Galerias de Paris street.  Of course, holding in your hand a glass of Portonic (port wine with tonic).

Authentic exploration of the city is not only based on visiting the cathedral, climbing Torre dos Clerigos and walking along the Douro River. Do not miss the opportunity to try the traditional cuisine and become a real portugues...

Enjoy your meal!


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