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THe festival of Braga Romana

A festival in the north of Portugal

THe festival of Braga Romana

From 22 to 26 May 2019, the festival of "Roman Braga" is celebrated in Braga to commemorate the Roman past of this city, formerly named Bracara Augusta.

This festivity has been celebrated in the city since 2003, always coinciding in the months of May or June. The festivity aims to recreate the city’s life at the time of the Roman Empire. In this case, it is not an ordinary city, it is one of the three most important ones, founded by the Emperor Augustus in the north of the Peninsula after the end of the so-called Cantabrian Wars, that is, the total conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, whoever comes to Braga these days will enjoy the recreation of the life of the “Bracaraugustans”.

You will be able to walk through a Roman market, enjoy the performances of the actors in the theatre, drink the sweet juices of Bacchus, greet Jupiter and honour Mars along with the legionaries.

Every day you will have something to do throughout the city: there are activities for children, colloquies, screening of films, guided tours through the most important places of the ancient Bracara Augusta, Roman table games tournament, walks through the city...

Despite the fact that Braga is known as the city of the Baroque, it still keeps part of the beginning of its history, of its Roman essence, the one that led it to become the capital of the province of Gallaecia in the 4th century.

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