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The Estádio do Dragão

Porto pride and emblem

The Estádio do Dragão

Symbol of Porto, the dragon opens its wings as an emblem of the Invicta (undefeated) City. And, as a good protector, it crowns the shield of one of the great prides of the Portuenses: the one of the F.C. Porto.

The home of the "dragons", how could it be otherwise, is the Estádio do Dragão (Dragon Stadium). It was opened in 2003, replacing the old Estádio das Antas. The FC Porto team needed a more modern stadium, and in 2001 work began according to the plans of the Portuguese architect Manuel Salgado.

On November 16, 2003, the first game was held, a friendly game against FC Barcelona. The winners in this match were the hosts (2-0). That was not the first surprising thing happening in the first year of Dragão’s life: FC Porto won the first UEFA Cup for a Portuguese team.

After the first game, more glory would come for the team and the city, such as the opening match of Euro 2004, between Portugal and Greece, or the achievement of the Champions League that same year by Porto.

In total, the stadium has a capacity of 50,033 spectators, although, it has had the attendance of 52,000 people. It has also become the stage for large musical groups worldwide such as Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Muse or One Direction.

Furthermore, Dragão is pleased to say that it is the first European stadium to obtain the “GreenLight” certificate, awarded by the European Commission. It consists of an award for the effort made in terms of rational use of energy and quality of lighting.

The dragon will continue guarding the Portuenses and helping his team win all the battles. Do you want to know more about its history? Join us on the Old TownTour and get to know this Invicta City.

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