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Portuguese discoveries and conquests

From Ceuta to Nagasaki: the unknown heroes of Porto

Portuguese discoveries and conquests


The best defence is a good offence. This is what the Portuguese must have thought in the fifteenth century. Why? Since there were no areas to conquer on the peninsula, the Portuguese went to sea.

Like those who accompany us on our Free Porto Tour, the people of Portugal were eager for adventure. So, in 1415, under the leadership of Henry the Navigator, they set out on a cruise and captured Ceuta. Portugal controlled and conquered many places in North Africa and followed the coastline all the way to India. As we know today, their expeditions were successful, but then nothing was known about it. It was a real adventure. A very expensive adventure.

To finance the expeditions, Henry the Navigator founded and financed a school in Sagres. Not to be confused with the Portuguese beer brand, Sagres is a city in the south part of Portugal. To create an enviable Portuguese fleet, he brought the best in his field to the vicinity of Porto, the true capital of the expedition. Kalaphates, navigators, cartographers, mathematicians, sailors - all with the intention of ruling the seas. It is widely believed that it was Lisbon that gave Portugal colonial glory, but it was from Porto that the first fleets set off. It was Porto and its people who paved the way and left them to others so that they could gain fame.  And it is about Porto that our guides will tell you everything you need to know.  Come with us and learn the stories of explorers who travelled around the world.

By the way, how did it happen that Ceuta once belonged to Portugal, and now belongs to Spain?

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