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Porto weather

Sometimes rain sometimes terrible warm

Porto weather

Usually, before starting and planning a trip, we ask ourselves what the weather will be like, because it is a variable that can affect our plans. In the case of Porto, the matter does not seem so complicated.

Porto has a very pleasant temperature, which ranges from 30 degrees Celsius on the hottest days of summer to 5 degrees Celsius on very cold days in winter. It is a city located close to the coast, through which the great River Douro flows, so that temperatures are mild and provide travellers with the perfect climate to explore the city. Typically, the temperature in Porto averages around 20 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for our Free Porto Tour. Put on a short sleeve, take a camera and enjoy the city of wine.

Very rarely, temperatures remain constant even at night. That is why you will need a light jacket to cope with the wind blowing from the coast. Also pay attention to the fog effect: in the morning, often even before the start of our Free Porto Tour, the city is completely shrouded in fog. It is worth taking advantage of it and cross the Don Luis Bridge, as well as visiting Gaia and its wine cellars.  A morning walk on the bridge is the perfect time to take a picture, and the morning fog will quickly disappear and allow you to enjoy the sun's rays on your skin.

But we can't lie – Porto is quite a rainy city, due to its location (north).  However, the rain is very bearable because it never falls with enormous force. As a part of the winter landscape, giving an enchanted look to the stones in the old part of the city and the tiles in the modern part.

What can we say? We are waiting under an umbrella!

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