Thursday May 31st 2018 | Porto

Oporto: living city

A city that always has something more to offer

Oporto: living city

A few years back, in 2001, Oporto was declared the European city of culture, and this gives us an idea of the level of the activity and action of the city.

Oporto is a city that never stops, and it has events in each of its corners all the year round, to the point that it gets impossible to really know what it has to offer both to its neighbours and to its visitors. By its streets you can find both markets that are already part of its landscape, such as Portobello market or do Anjo market, as well as rally races through its cobbled streets. If there were any area to emphasize, it would be Galerías de París, and the neighbourhood of Cedofeita. The first is a series of small streets, that become the party area at night, but they also provide curiosities and quaint shops during the day. The second is a neighbourhood, where normally live students, and there is a big amount of art galleries, and small exhibition rooms.



Now, if there were a building that personifies the biggest events, that would be the Ferreira Borges market. How is that possible? Because this building is not a market, but a huge concert and performance hall. Its architecture clearly exhibits all of its history, as well as the Eiffel’s influence through its metal structures. However, largest events are celebrated inside, especially during the winter, because the building is covered. The last known artists were the Spanish group Vetusta Morla, who filled the complex with people and good music.

So, you know, Oporto is not only a city for a brief passage, but it’s also a destination where you can spend the time you want. Turn it in your next destination!