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Luis I Bridge

Discover this masterpiece over the Douro River

Luis I Bridge


If there is one thing that characterizes Porto, it is undoubtedly the famous Luis I Bridge that connects it to Vila Nova de Gaia.

This iron colossus over the Douro River is the work of German engineer Théophile Seyrig, although it may resemble the works of Gustave Eiffel. Many consider Eiffel to be its author, because the street running along Ribeira is named after him.

The decision of building the bridge was related to increasingly congested between Porto and Gaia, due to the growth of trade in Porto. The old Ponte Pênsil was no longer operational and on 11 February 1879 the government decided to put out a tender to select a good replacement for the bridge, which could no longer cope with so many people going in and out. Several construction companies came forward, including Eiffel et Cie, the famous architect who in 1889 built the tower for the Paris Universal Exhibition, which became a symbol of the French capital. Despite the fame that Eiffel had already managed to gain, the proposal of the Belgian firm Société de Willebroeck won, with a design by Théophile Seyrig, known to Eiffel as the head of his team for the design of another urban bridge: the Maria Pia bridge.




In 1881, construction began on the Louis I Bridge, which lasted until 31 October 1886, the day of its inauguration.

From 1886 to the present day, this bridge has witnessed the changes and evolutions that the city has undergone, such as the arrival of the D metro line, which passes over its solid iron arches. It participates in celebration of Festa de São João do Porto (The day of Saint John of Porto), being responsible for organizing the fireworks in honor of the saint. Witnessed the arrival of the rabelos boats, loaded with barrels of port wine to be matured in the cellars. This is a place, from where the local boys are jumping to swim in the river during the hot weather. He also posed for all the tourists who came to Porto wanting to meet him.

The Luis I Bridge, a silent witness to daily life and all the landmarks in the city's history, waits majestically over the vast Douro River to create the best postcard you can of this city.


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