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The most popular dish in Porto



When we talk with the participants of our trips, which dish is the most memorable for them and what they think is worth eating in Porto, the answers are different. Some decide on cod, those braver on tripe. However, the Francesinha is the one, who is rising the bigger number of votes and became the symbol of the city.

But what is Francesinha, and where can you try it?

Francesinha, despite her name which means little French woman, is a giant version of a meat sandwich. It consists of several layers of bread with ham, sausage, and pork fillet, with the addition of melted cheese, fried egg and a special sauce. And of course, you can not forget about French fries!

A light snack, right?

Such a dish would have to include warnings such as "unsuitable for people with heart ailments" or "do not operate heavy machinery after eating." However, despite how mandatory it is to make room in the stomach to try it, you can not forget about a little movement. And there's no better way to burn excess calories than a tour of Porto with us!

It remains for us to answer the question of where Franceshina can be eaten...

Well, practically everywhere. Most restaurants and bars in Porto have a version of Francesinha on their menu. However, there are many versions, since the original one created in Regaleira in the middle of the last century, almost every chef has developed his recipe. You can find proposals more or less pique, with and without egg, with one cheese or several, made in a wood-burning oven, vegetarian and even vegan.

Maybe next time we should create a ranking of the best Franceshinas...  But before we do that, help us find the best one!

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