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Where to eat in Porto: 10 essential options

We recommend you a wide range of typical and cheap cuisine

Where to eat in Porto: 10 essential options

Portugal is a paradise of the great food. Porto is not an exception. Do you want to eat cheaply in Porto? This city offers you some of the best Portuguese traditional dishes, as well as the local specialities you cannot miss.

We will now make a gastronomic route through 10 unmissable places to seat and eat in different parts of the city. These places will be a reference in your agenda. You will recommend them yourself.


Budget eating in Porto: typical disches of the city

As we mentioned, it’s easy to eat low cost in Porto. The fame of its big wineries, its historical coffee shops or its cultural corners extends to a typical gastronomy of the city that can be found in many places in the tripeira city. Some of the inevitable dishes are:

·       Francesinha: this is certainly the most famous dish in the city. It’s a delicious sandwich – not approved by WHO – stuffed with beef steak, ham, cheese, sausage or mortadella, grated and bathed in a sauce of vegetables and slightly spicy meat. That’s quite a thing. Some time it has a fried egg on the top, and if it’s not enough, you can also have some fries. You will find it in places throughout the city, but there are restaurants that have made it a speciality that transcends outside the city. We will see it below.

·       Tripas à moda do Porto: it’s linked to the history of Porto and is a very typical dish of the city (known as tripeira).

But there are also other typical dishes in Porto, which are as well a speciality of the country, such as, of course, codfish, in its different recipes, and soups (especially the caldo verde).

And the dessert? In a such a sweet-loving country, Porto was not going to be an exception either. Some of the inescapable delicacies are the typical pastéis de nata, French toasts, baba de camelo, or bolo de bolachas (chocolate biscuit tart). A true delight.


The best cheap eats in Porto

Come with us. We want to give you some advices about the best places to eat well and find cheap menus during your stay in Porto. The choice is yours.


Taberna Santo Antonio

It’s a classic in Porto. It is a small and familiar place with an extraordinary demand from the public, in which you will find an extraordinary product and a homemade preparation of typical Portuguese dishes and local gastronomy. Without forgetting the amazing homemade desserts. The price ranges between 7 and 9,50 euros.

Rua Virtudes, 32

Number: +351 222 055 306


Café Santiago

It’s possibly one of the most famous places in the city, thanks to its excellent francesinha, a real delicacy. You will eat for 9,50 euros, and no matter the time you go there, the place is always full, but you can try your luck, because it has two places on the same street.

Rua de Passos Manuel, 226

Number: +351 222 055 797


A cozinha do Manel

Porto offers many options to taste the typical tripas. Located in in the centre, this place bases its product on the preparation of its dishes in a wood oven. You can eat the famous tripas for 11 euros. If you want to taste other dishes, you can order good fish and amazing homemade desserts.

Rua do Heroísmo, 215

Number: +351 225 363 388




A tasquinha

Another of the mythical places to eat in Porto. Located in the centre of the city, it offers all the typical dishes, although the specialities are octopus and cod, and excellent homemade desserts. The average cost is 10 euros.

Rua do Carmo, 10

Number: +351 223 322 145


A Casa Guedes

Another classic. We recommend it for its spectacular ham sandwiches. For less than 5 euros you can buy a spectacular sandwich with a beer. The negative of the restaurant is that there is usually a long queue, because it’s very famous both among the locals and tourists. We recommend you taste the roast pork sandwich with cheese. That’s good!

Praça dos Poveiros 130, 4000-383

Number: +351 222 002 874


A Sandeira

Centrally located, it is also ideal to eat fast both sandwiches and salads. The prices are very affordable: a sandwich costs 4,50 and salads 5 euros.

Rua dos Caldeireiros, 85

Number: +351 223 216 471


A Lareira

Especially recommendable are its delicious cold cut platters. They have platters of cheese and of ham very well priced. It will not cost you more than 5 euros.

Rua das Oliveiras 8, 4050-159

Number: +351 222 080 917


DeGema Hamburguesería artesanal

Would you like to eat a burger in Porto? Portugal has a good reputation for this product and these establishments are always popular. In this burger place you will find good prices with an extraordinary quality, you will have a delicious hamburger accompanied with homemade fried potatoes for just over 6 euros.

Rua do Almada 249, 4050-038

Number: +351 223 227 432



It is famous for serving the best bifanas in the city, small sandwiches filled with pork, previously marinated and boiled in tomato sauce. It will cost you 2 euros. Ideal to eat with a beer.

Rua do Bonjardim 318, 4000-115

Number: +351 222 000 113


Augusto restaurante

It’s a small and friendly restaurant of traditional homemade Portuguese food. It offers a menu of different fish and meat recipes with an average price of 10 euros. It has become one of the classics.

Rua da Constituição 1064, 4200-202

Number: +351 225 020 750


These are some of the places you must visit in a gastronomic route through Porto. But the city offers you a whole range of products and specialities when it comes to sitting at the table. If you want more details and different options, you can find them in specialized gluten-free places.

Don’t be left with doubts, and, above all, be sure to try the local cuisine that defines Porto. If you need something, our guides will help you in whatever you need.


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