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Afurada: the fisherman's neighborhood in Porto

Afurada: the fisherman's neighborhood in Porto

For travellers looking for the most hidden and authentic places, for fish lovers, and for those who are going to extend their stay in Porto beyond three or four days, Afurada is a must-see (if you are only staying two or three days, check out our article on what to know in Porto and how to take advantage of the time to see everything).

Afurada began as a beach on the south bank of the Douro River, near its mouth, and its name was simply Furada. Over time, people linked article “a” to the place name, becoming Afurada, just as some people did with Porto, which became Oporto. The area belongs to Vila Nova de Gaia, and fishermen settled there. They gained fame above all for their numerous catches of sardines and lampreys.

Today, the Afurada is the legacy of that past: fishermen's houses, docks, and above all the unmistakable aroma of sardinhas grelhadas (grilled sardines) that comes out of the many grills that fill the neighbourhood. In fact, the best way to enjoy the area is to look for a terrace or a place with views of the Douro and have some sardines, or a caldeirada (a rich stew of several kinds of fish), accompanied by a bottle of green wine. It is no wonder that it is a plan chosen by many of those who do the Old Town and Gaia Tour, as we end up next to Afurada at lunchtime.

Of course, you must be careful when selecting the restaurant, or be ready to carry your wallet ready. Afurada has become a fashionable place to eat fish, both for tourists and for Portuguese, adding it to the privileged views that many terraces offer, consequently the price rises. If you want to know which our favourite places are to eat fish, don't forget to ask your guide during the Free Tour. We are waiting for you under the green umbrella!

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