Free Tour Lisbon

Let yourself be seduced by the charm of Lisbon

Our Free Tour of Lisbon will amaze you with the history of a unique city, witness of the Crusades, the age of Discover and the rise and fall of empires.

Everyday at 10:30
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2 hours 30 minutes
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Some interesting spots during the walking tour

  • Lisbon Baixa
  • Lisbon Commerce Square
  • Rossio train station
  • D. Maria II National Theatre
  • Column and sculpture of D. Pedro IV
  • Santa Justa lift
  • Upper District and Chiado
  • Carmo Convent
  • Camões square
  • And many more…

What will you find in this free tour?

It is a city that, as well as the mythical Atlantis, reached glory and attracted total destruction after suffering in 1755 the worst earthquake in history. It is a city that knew how to get up after devastation and transform its old ruins into the capital of a global empire.

We will tell you this fascinating story through one of the most emblematic areas of the Portuguese capital: the neighbourhoods of Lisbon Baixa, the Upper District and Chiado. There we will admire Lisbon’s main monuments, walk the most fashionable streets of the city and discover the places where the most brilliant minds of Portuguese literature used to meet and spies used to hunt each other down during World War II.

Come with us and our guides will fascinate you with the beauty of Lisbon, but also with its dark side: hidden Masonic symbols hidden inside its buildings, wealth from the slave trade, remnants of expulsions and massacres and the remainders of Europe’s longest dictatorship. After going in-depth into this sinister past, we will emerge to the light by re-living one of the most poetic and beautiful episodes ever: the Carnation Revolution.

Of course, our guides will recommend you how to get the best out of your stay in Lisbon, showing you the hidden corners where we will try the best Portuguese gastronomy, listen to the most genuine fado and know the city better with the Tours of Alfama and Belém.