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Christmas in Lisbon

The magic of the Christmas in Lisbon

Christmas in Lisbon | Blog

You must have heard about Christmas in Lisbon. If you have already thought about making a getaway taking advantage of your free days, it is the perfect occasion.

Your travel plan for this December getaway is ready. Perfect. Let's imagine you just arrived. What can be our ideal starting point? Undoubtedly, the Christmas tree at Praça do Comércio. It’s a reference in Lisbon at Christmas and an extraordinary place to start enjoying the Christmas atmosphere.

Do you want to know the city or enjoy its Christmas atmosphere? Participate in one of the free tours through Lisbon. Our guides will teach you to enjoy the city and get to know it differently. Go ahead!

Start writing down in your Christmas agenda. We will give you a series of options:

Lisbon is the oldest city in the Western Europe, and it’s known as the city of the seven hills.

Christmas in Lisbon: do you know its traditions?
Are you going to spend Christmas Eve in Lisbon? The city offers you the same treasures on these dates as during other times of the year, but if you choose these Christmas time, you have made a good decision. You can enjoy some exclusive attractions in Portugal and specifically Lisbon. Pay attention.

Lighting of bonfires
Among the Christmas traditions, fire plays a very important role. Tradition indicates that you must burn a large trunk, popularly known as cepo de Natal. There is a belief that the longer it burns, the more prosperous the new year will be.

The midnight Mass  
After Christmas Eve dinner, the traditional Mass or “consoada” is also celebrated in the city as one of the most deeply rooted traditions at Christmas. The Portuguese people are very religious, and at the conclusion of the ceremony, the faithful line up to kiss the feet of Jesus. In fact, if you see religious images hanging from windows in houses these days, don't be surprised. It is common.

Music in the streets  
Lisbon is a city accustomed to music and this can be considered one more tradition this Christmas. In any of its corners, especially in the most central area and in the surroundings of Avenida da Liberdade, you can find numerous street artists of extraordinary quality, who will play absolutely all styles, and especially the typical Portuguese music: fado.

Pay special attention to the churches of the Baixa where concerts are usually held. There, you can enjoy Christmas music in a wonderful and pleasant environment.

Christmas in Lisbon: travel with children 
Lisbon will offer you the same things at Christmas as at other times of the year. But, the Christmas magic of the capital of Portugal has gained special characteristics. It can be, without a doubt, a perfect occasion to travel with the little ones. Lisbon is a particularly welcoming city for the kids. We give you a couple of suggestions.

Christmas gifts: Pai Natal
Another tradition that you can find in Lisbon at Christmas, is when it comes to distributing Christmas gifts. The arrival of Pai Natal (the Portuguese Santa Claus) is celebrated also on the 24th. But there is a difference. The ceremony is usually mounted around a Christmas tree, and around the nativity scene, where the gifts are left. Especially important if you have decided to travel with children.

Capital do Natal: the largest theme park in Europe
It was opened in 2019. It is situated in the Passeio Marítimo de Algés (Oeiras, Lisbon). The Parque do Natal offers a Christmas recreation in which children and adults can enjoy different Christmas environments: leisure areas, parks with ice figures, ice rinks and audio-visual shows on a large lake. A great enclosure, of more than 70,000 square meters. You can enjoy this Christmas adventure that you can enjoy until January 12.

The Oceanarium
Another recommendation for a short visit to Lisbon as a family is the Oceanarium (Parque das Nações), the largest indoor aquarium in Europe. It was built within the framework of Expo 98. Surrounded by water, it simulates a floating port in which all the Oceans are represented. The venue is spectacular. It has 16,000 specimens of 450 marine species. It stands out. For example, its large central tank, is as big as four Olympic pools. Awesome!

Christmas in Lisbon: a tour through the city
Lisbon is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe, and the city is an authentic spectacle in each of its corners full of hundreds of curiosities that make it unique: its corners, viewpoints, heritage ... Do you want to discover the answers to the colour of its trams, the structure of its sidewalks or the secrets of the Christmas story in the city?


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