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Santiago de Compostela

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Do you want to enjoy your getaways to experience each city you visit in a different way and get to know every corner and all its stories? At 1·2·Tours we will give you a different view with our free tours and guided visits.

You can choose among the best routes and free tours in Porto to get to know the city of the six bridges and Port wine. Discover Santiago de Compostela and its historic centre, declared a World Heritage Site, with our Santiago Free Tour or our visit to the Cathedral and its museum. Discover every iconic landmark of the city of the seven hills and learn about the history of Fado with our tours and free tours in Lisbon. Fall in love with Coimbra and its architectural jewels with our free tour of Coimbra that you can book for free. Or live your story in the city of a hundred towers with any of the guided tours we have prepared for you to experience Prague like a true Czech person.

Whichever city you choose, we will have the perfect guided tour or free tour for you so that you don't miss anything on your visit to Porto, Santiago de Compostela, Prague, Lisbon or Coimbra.